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MONOD: Where Dreams Are Tailored, and Stories Unfold 

Embark on a sartorial adventure like no other with MONOD, a fashion destination that harmoniously weaves Ukrainian ingenuity with Greek allure. Established in late 2022 by the visionary Ksenia Grebneva, MONOD is a celebration of individuality, culture, and the artistry of design.

Our Crossroads: From Ukraine to Greece, From Tradition to Modernity 

Ksenia's journey from Ukraine to Greece was more than a geographic transition; it was a transformation of creative energies. At MONOD, we channel these diverse influences into our collections, allowing you to embrace both your roots and your aspirations.

Elevate Your Expression: Your MONOD, Your Style

Our commitment to personalised fashion is at the core of the MONOD experience. Every garment in our curated selection can be tailored to match your unique body shape and personal aesthetic. By offering the option to customize fabrics and designs, MONOD becomes a haven for your self-expression and creativity.

Unveiling Nature's Luxury: The MONOD Essence

In a world marked by mass production, MONOD stands as a testament to refined craftsmanship. We meticulously select high-quality, limited-edition natural fabrics to ensure that each piece you adorn is a work of art. The MONOD journey is one of sustainability, where your fashion choices echo your respect for the world around you.

Become Part of the MONOD Narrative: Your Fashion, Your Legacy

As you step into the world of MONOD, you're not just embracing fashion; you're becoming a part of a story that transcends time and trends. Discover our collections, infuse your personality into each design, and let MONOD be the canvas upon which your style tale is written.

Discover MONOD – Curated for You, Crafted by Tradition, Redefined for Today.